Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New Old Armoire

There is a flea market in Paris that is legendary, but no one would call it affordable. We have been stunned at the prices they've invented. We were just certain that there are more affordable options patronized by the locals and last week Tata took me to the REAL flea market.

I was charmed by this antique armoire. This is not our usual style; like Helmut Lang I think I might have been influenced by our watching of Game of Thrones. 

I don't know if we'll bring it home with us or not. We are lucky that we get to try it out before committing like that. And if we sell, armoires of this era go for a lot more on eBay so it's basically a risk-free trial.

Daddy says this armoire is like another house - it has doors, windows, curtains....

Anno 1719 - that's pretty old

As wood carvings go I think these are pretty. They remind me a little bit of our work. Note the pegs holding the joints together.

Here is a close up of how the pegs work to join the pieces of the cabinet together.

How to know if this is real? I don't know.

More pegs holding it all together.

Here's the inside of the lock. I don't have a key so I can't know if it works.  It seems a key can be made.

This is the outside of the lock. 
There are places where it is in poor condition. That's why it was so inexpensive.

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