Friday, January 25, 2013

Rave of the Day: Pre-made garlic and herbs in butter

Today's rave is for a convenience food I never knew I was missing. What you see here is a log of pretty good butter, already infused with a healthy dose of garlic and parsley.
My cell phone photo was terrible so why not add a filter?
This product is meant to live in your freezer. You take it out and cut off a slice whenever you need to sauté something, for grilling, or prepare a few snails as Escargot de Bourgogne. Certainly, it is something you could make yourself, but that defeats a little bit of the purpose here. This is a convenience to make daily life more tasty. If I'm spending an afternoon cooking up something special I don't mind peeling garlic and chopping herbs. It's when I'm rushing to make some kind of food item after a day of work and with a toddler commanding one arm and hip, that is when this product rocks my world.


  1. I still want to figure out how to make the orange butter we had at Bergamot!

  2. Oh, that orange butter! Didn't he say it was essentially an orange essential oil? That would mix with butter. Mmmmmmm

  3. He said it was orange zest, but we didn't see any orange flecks at all in the butter, and you speculated that it was essential oil. Perhaps you should try this at home ? :-)